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Sound legal advice in an uncompromising world

Our business and our reputation is based upon your business and your reputation. Our business is your business. Every case is a metaphorical game of chess, requiring a unique understanding of the players, their potential moves, external influences and the board/arena/theatre upon which they are being played.

Strategy and contingencies are the first port of call at David Rosen & Co Every case has its own particular circumstances, which requires an application of battle appreciation by seasoned and experienced litigators.

HOWEVER, whether in commercial litigation or family work, we will always seek to pro-actively explore resolving disputes without recourse to litigation, mindful and conscious of costs and risks, and making best use of emotional intelligence throughout.


To actively seek to resolve a claim can take many forms, including ‘round-the-table’ ‘without prejudice’ discussions, inter-solicitor negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and early neutral evaluation.


Some altruisms:

Both parties generally believe they are right, but being right, and being happy are not one and the same.

If a compromise is not made and concessions made, you leave decisions to a Judge/Judges who may or may not adjudge your case favourably in their discretion having regard to all of the circumstances, despite the case law guidance. Speculation has its risks.

Never go to war on principle.




Never hate the opponent; it affects your judgment.

Rosen In The Media

The ex-husband, his cash and how to hide a big stash... London's bitterest divorces

As Scot Young is jailed for failing to disclose his assets, and Boris Berezovsky’s ex freezes £200 million of his fortune, Rosamund Urwin on the cunning ways the rich can conceal their wealth when a relationship hits the rocks

Tamara Ecclestone wins custody battle with ex Omar Khyami over her prized Lamborghini

Tamara Ecclestone today won a High Court battle to stop her prized £380,000 Lamborghini being shipped out of the country.

Heather Mills is considering a new legal battle to try to force the publication of court papers detailing her marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, her lawyer said today.

Mills, who was awarded £24.3 million in the recent divorce judgment, was frustrated that full court transcripts were held back under the terms of a gagging order.

Reviews From Our Clients

David will always have my gratitude to have resolved our case in such an amazing manner and in such a short period of time, shorter than he said it would likely to happen. He made me win my case in one shot! My review is not exhaustive but I wish it is clear enough to help you to choose David Rosen, a very professional and efficient power-house’.
David Rosen is very fast to understand your situation and to synthesize, to simplify your case. He makes very clear in your mind what is a problem and what is not. He relieves you of useless burdens. David taught me a lot during our meetings and hearing. He has been more than my lawyer and my adviser I thank David for his generosity in time at anytime of the day and the night, in advice, comfort and everything.
‘Thank you to David Rosen for providing me with impeccable legal advice. I cannot speak highly enough of his service and advice which was prompt and knowledgeable at a critical time for me. I highly recommend him in litigation matters’.


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