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Professor David Rosen

Principal, David Rosen & Co

With over 25 years of experience, Professor David Rosen has established his reputation as a formidable solicitor advocate for individuals facing complex or contentious legal matters.

His depth of experience, brilliant legal mind and strong ethical values has resulted in a multitude of successful outcomes for clients. 

Legal Credentials

Professor David Rosen was educated at the City of London School, followed by study at Brunel University where he graduated with a Law Degree with Honours. He then attained a professional qualifications as a Certified Fraud Examiner with the Assoiciation of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).


Later, at Portsmouth University he obtained a PgCert Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption, whilst managing a full case load (because he was too busy to complete his Master’s Degree).

David attained a further PgCert International Relations, Espionage and Surveillance from King’s College London (2023).


David undertook his training contract at Fuglers Solicitors, London W1 before being admitted as a Solicitor of England and Wales in 1999. He opened his own law firm, David Rosen & Co [Part I], in Farringdon Road, London.

David joined Darlingtons Solicitors LLP, as equity partner and head of litigation until its demise in 2020.  He then held the role of General Counsel for Acupay System LLP until the $2bn USD SKAT UK case was successfully struck out by the court (that decision has since been reversed).


His attention is now focused upon building David Rosen & Co [Part II]. His practice is steeped in solid traditional values where honesty, transparency and integrity are the backbone of his approach to resolving his clients legal conundrums. 

Professor, Mediator, Jurist, Advocate

David is deeply committed to upholding the principles of justice, giving back to the legal profession and serving his community.

He is a full academic Professor of Professional Practice at Brunel University Law School, having previosly been an honorary professor of Law for over 10 years. 

He regularly lectures at Brunel University Law School where he has founded courses in Advocacy, Practical Legal Skills, and Fraud Examination.  David is featured in the Law School “Hall of Fame” for his contributions in the field of law.

David draws on his experience of over 25 years, having taken part in hundreds of mediations and arbitrations, as well as having a keen eye for detail and good listening abilities, to offer himself as an independent civil and commercial mediator.

He is a keen commentator of legal and ethical issues and is a regular contributor to “The Jewish Tribune” and other journals.  David also mentors a number of students from his alma mater, the City of London School, and elsewhere.

Legal Affiliations | Community

With over 25 years of post-qualification experience, he has pro-actively run and advocated in some of the largest counter-fraud and separately, divorce and finance cases in legal history. There are, however, far more cases where he has acted discretely, negotiated and settled quietly and without fuss, (without press or other external risks of exposure), to the benefit of his clients.


David is a Solicitor-Advocate with Higher Rights of Audience in All proceedings (both Criminal and Civil), where he regularly appears alongside KC’s and Senior Counsel, without drama, cool and calm, and extremely capable. He is a member of Resolution, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) amongst other bodies in the legal field.


David is an executive member of AJEX Jewish Military Association and a regular contributor to ‘The Jewish Tribune’ newspaper. David is a former strategic director and Board member of the ACFE UK Chapter and was Vice Chair of Stanmore & Canons Park United Synagogue (one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe). He regularly gives public lectures in his specialist field of counter-fraud and counter-corruption.

The Rosen Stork

The Rising Stork

Our brand logo is highly symbolic and embodies the fundamental values of our legal practice, expertise, proficiency and ethos.

The icon for David Rosen & Co is a stork – a positive, sincere bird, representing new horizons and a fresh start.


The rising stork is alert, alarmed and ready to fend off an attack. Its wings are raised, and ready to attack, or be on the defence (as the case may be).


The Rosen Stork holds a legal document, rather than a stone (which is usually depicted), keen to guard or to defend its contents or principle, and its confidentiality with utmost discretion.

A lawyer has a duty to uphold the law, a duty of confidentiality, and with that confidentiality comes discretion. 

At David Rosen & Co, you can be assured that we approach your case with integrity, honesty and intellect to offer sound legal advice in an uncompromising world.

Rosen & Co logo - David Rosen Solicitor and Advocate

Ethos | Fighting The Good Fight

Professor David Rosen decided a long time ago, to place honesty and integrity, transparency, and accountability at the forefront of his business dealings.


The ethos of David Rosen & Co is client-centric: to best understand the matter at hand, and the client’s aims and operational objectives. From this we create a strategy with forecast predictive and non-predictive contingencies based upon the emotional intelligence and standing of the client and the opponent. We actively work with our clients to manage expectations, and to give sound legal counsel, mindful of costs and risks throughout the case.


David Rosen & Co has a distinguished reputation of offering sound legal advice in an uncompromising world.

Careers | Working With Us

David Rosen & Co boasts a distinguished reputation for delivering exceptional legal counsel across a wide range of practice areas, from corporate law, family law to litigation and dispute resolution.


We are an expanding law firm and positions will become available as we grow. There will be an opportunity to work alongside experienced and renowned legal minds, gaining invaluable insights and developing your expertise under their guidance.


We are an equal opportunity employer, so all qualified applicants will be considered for employment regardless of race, age, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity and religion.


If you are interested in work experience or job placements, please don’t hold back and contact us directly.

Legal process is now about alternative dispute resolution as a first step before legal proceedings in a court of law.
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