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David made a decision a long time ago, to place honesty and integrity, transparency and accountability at the forefront of his business dealings.


The ethos of David Rosen & Co is client-centric: to best understand the aims and operational objectives of clients, and then to create a strategy with forecast predictive and non-predictive contingencies based upon the emotional intelligence and standing of the client and the opponent, whilst managing expectations of clients, and to give sound legal advice, mindful of costs and risks throughout.


David Rosen & Co seeks to offer sound legal advice in an uncompromising world.


The new logo is a rising stork: alert, alarmed and ready to fend off an attack. Its wings are raised and he is on the attack, or the defence (as the case may be).  In this instance, the stork holds a document, rather than a stone which is usually depicted, keen to guard or to defend its contents.  A lawyer has a duty of confidentiality.  With that confidentiality comes discretion.  A stork is a positive, sincere bird, representing new horizons and a fresh start.